Comic 29

25 Apr 2011 There’s a myriad of reasons we haven’t updated recently, so let’s bullet point them:

• Mark is colorblind
• I’m applying for full time jobs
• Mark can’t see dogs
• I’m lazy
• Mark doesn’t seem to know what the phrase “updates on Mondays and Fridays” means
• Minecraft and Portal 2 are way too much fun multiplayer
• I’ve found a new tabletop game, Mercs, and that is also fun

As you can see, Mark is obviously the one to blame here. But since this is a team, and there is an “eat,” as well as “ate,” in team, I will share some of this blame. Eat the cake and have it, etc etc. (It’s a lie.)

25 Apr 2011 I would like to respond to John’s points, given above:

• Shut up fatface.