Comic 43

19 Aug 2011 It’s funny, because this comic is like a herald. There’s some big news coming. You might want to hold on to your butts.

New School Kids is going on a mild hiatus.

There, I said it. We have to take a break for a few weeks, because, while I’m not naming names, someone involved with this comic is having a kid. But, the good news is that when that someone is home with the kid, that someone will have nothing better to do than draw comics, because that someone will be a stay at home dad, sticking it to gender roles. So, wait for a while, then read to your hearts content. Or until your eyes start hurting, because I’m pretty sure we don’t publish in 300dpi.

19 Aug 2011 Now, I’m not naming names, but whoever wrote the above post thinks that each of you has plural hearts.